Ideas for Staying Home

Ideas for Staying Home

Ideas for Staying Home

Have you been spending more time at home with your kids? As fun as it can be, eventually even the most inventive people can run out of play ideas. We’ve got you!

We’ve teamed up with our friends from The Creative Toy Shop for some fresh inspiration of what to do at home. Founded by an Australian mum and educator with all the toys carefully curated by her, they always have a million ideas for fun and educational playtime at home. We'll share with you our Top 5! 

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Dress the Part

Get dressed in our fresh new outfits from our Darling collection. We’ve got lots of cute and comfy outfits for your play adventures. These outfits aren’t only gorgeous but super practical too!

Everything was designed with a lot of thought in mind - so your little ones don't just look stylish but feel great while wearing them day after day.

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Dukes and Duchesses Apparel

Before setting off on your shopping spree, check our Top 5 play at home ideas. These are not just fun, but also educational and fantastic for kids development!

Top 5 play at home ideas

Build a Fort or a Castle

Drewart Castle - The Creative Toy Shop

Who doesn't like forts and castles? Castles feel like magic and fairy tales. They wake up the feelings of adventures inside. It’s also a super fun way to learn more about history and culture. Let’s build one! 

You can use almost anything to build one: pillows, blankets, building blocks. Just start and see what you can come up with.

You gotta be dressed the part when you play in a castle, too. Indie picked the ‘Sadie’ Bell Sleeve Top with the High Waisted Skirt and Phoenix got dressed in the 'White' Long Sleeve Ribbed Top with the ‘Indigo’ Long Jude Overalls.

Drewart Caste - The Creative Toy Shop

Head over to The Creative Toy Shop to check out this awesome Drewart Small Castle we’ve used. It’s made from solid and sustainably sourced alder wood that has been handcrafted in Europe. We’ve added the Grapat Seasons- Winter Set and literally could not stop playing as it was so fun. These castles are hands down one of the top products for the imaginative play.

Develop Your Balance

Wobbel Board - The Creative Toy Shop

It can be tricky to come up with fun ideas to exercise when you’re at home. However things can get much easier once a Wobbel board joins your playspace. Don’t forget to take your socks off for a nice and safe grip. 

Wobbel Board - The Creative Toy Shop

Indie got dressed in the ‘Bella' Bell Sleeve Dress and Phoenix is decked out in the Bears Long Sleeve Hoody and Long Harem Pants for their ‘Wobbel-ing’.

We’ve used it as a see-saw, a rocker, a bridge (to walk over, crawl under or launch cars from), a slide, a platform and a super-hero balance board. You can easily rock on this board together with your kids yourself - it’s virtually unbreakable! There is even Wobbel yoga that develops core and balance for both kids and adults! Use these flash cards as a prompt to start. 

There are plenty of Wobbel boards to choose from too; from Original Bamboo with Forest Felt to Original Board with Felt in Powder Pink to match that gorgeous dress.

Build a Cubby House

Sarah's Silks - The Creative Toy Shop

Build a house inside a house. It can be as simple as getting under the sheets with a torch. Or drape a sheet (or two) over the table. Tadah!

Sarah's Silks - The Creative Toy Shop

We’ve used Sarah’s Silks Giant Silks to imagine our cubby house as a fairy house. We’ve simply added a tree branch for a nature feel. Next, switch on a fan and let the silk fly like a cape. Giant silks look stunning floating in the air.

 Sarah's Silks - The Creative Toy Shop

Pretend Play Family

Kids love pretend play! Kids can learn about concepts of family, relationships and racial diversity through this kind of play. We’ve played with Spanish Miniland dolls. These dolls are anatomically correct, dressed in underwear, and vanilla scented to smell like a new born baby.

Miniland Dolls - The Creative Toy Shop

 Add some playsilks to wrap the dolls, lay over them for naps, or tie them around as a baby carrier. Fun!

Miniland Dolls - The Creative Toy Shop

Develop Creativity

We’re all about unlocking creativity through play. Our Creative Building collection has the most incredible constructions in it. We’ve played with Earth tone pebbles by stacking them in towers and colour sorting. We really love the warmth of the stunning earthy tones.

Pebbles- The Creative Toy Shop

We’ve also had a play with everyone's favourites: Grimm's House, Large Rainbow and Gluckskafer Mushroom House. The wooden surfaces are encouraging of tactile development and feel so warm and interesting to touch. We find these shapes so aesthetically pleasing that we use them as decor pieces around the house to create unique and beautiful play spaces. These wooden toys are almost indestructible and can be passed down from sibling to sibling.

Creative Building - The Creative Toy Shop

Happy play time! We hope we’ve sparked some fresh inspiration for you. Shop our Darling collection here and check out our friends The Creative Toy Shop.