Meet Hannah!

Meet Hannah!

Meet Hannah!

Our marketing and social media guru! Our brand is owned and managed by the two of us (Beck and Han)! We are sisters in law - and have become great friends during our creative business journey we began 5 years ago. We live in different states - Han in Coffs Harbour and myself in Brisbane - so instead of sitting down with Han I shot her some questions over email so you could all get to know her a bit better!

I know you get this ALL the time.. but.. is your hair naturally curly?

Yes it is! It has been a work in progress though.. it hasn't always looked like this! I used to be a bit of a frizz head.. haha.. but I have learnt how to manage it now. The 'Curly Girl Method' is amazing.. for anyone with curly hair. 


Indie wearing our 'Sadie' Top

What does a day in the life of Han look like?

My husband (Jon) is a school teacher and Duke started Kindy this year (at the same school). So the mornings are all about getting the boys out the door.. on time. It is wild.. haha. I love Duke so much, but he cannot move quickly in the mornings!

Once they are out the door, the girls and I relax and get ourselves ready. We often have activities planned (when the girls are not at day care) so we just hang out and try to have fun together. I am often squeezing work in when I can too.. if I need to.. but I try my best to work on my work days (3 days per week) and be present on my non work days (I am still working on this balance).

Duke's first day of school.

Are you an extrovert or introvert?

Text book extrovert. I love meeting people and seeing people! Hence why I didn't really cope in lockdown.. haha.

When you have free time.. what does a perfect few hours look like for you?

Going to the beach, shopping, cafe hopping, bush walking.. not sure if I could actually achieve all of that in a few hours.. haha.

Exercise.. do you love or hate it?

I actually really enjoy exercise.. especially running. I started running when I was in my mid 20s. I was working in the Marketing Team for The Athlete's Foot in Sydney, and was surrounded by runners. I caught the bug and began participating in a variety of events, including one epic event called 'The Hood to Coast'.. a massive running relay in Portland (I ran 45kms). I have done 5 half marathons, but would love to do a full marathon next year.


Han was the first runner for her team on the 'Hood to Coast'. 

What are we likely to see you snacking on?

  • Fruit - especially orangesI am known as 'citrus queen' because of my love for oranges!
  • Cheesy pasta (although my body doesn't thrive off it.. haha)
  • Salads.. any kind of salad really.
  • Is coffee a food? If yes.. coffee. Actually, this should be no. 1!
  • Liquorice.. although this is a new thing!

What is a moment in your life where you have had to be brave?

When I was stung by a stingray! I was 18 years old and swimming at the beach at dusk with friends (and trying to be super cool because the boy I liked was there). I was knee deep and stood on something.. then felt a sharp shooting pain up my leg. I lost all feeling in my leg.. then I fainted.. haha. Turns out I was stung just above my ankle..needless to say.. nothing ever eventuated with that boy!

How many babies did you want when you were little?

4! I am one of 4.. so I have always wanted the same. BUT, our hearts and cups are so full with 3.. my hubby and I are so content with what we have. No more babies for us. 

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What are some pet peeves?

I can't handle noisy eating, noisy wees or the sound of nails being cut! Haha.. I am sensing a pattern here!

What is something you love to collect?

Vintage clothing items!

How did you meet your hubby?

At arts college - he was a musician and I was a dancer. :) We have been married 10 years this year.. crazy! Funny story actually.. on our 3rd date I was taking Jon to a fashion event in Surry Hills and got the streets mixed up. I accidentally took him to a brothel instead!! We were about 1/4 way into the process before we all realised what was going on! Oops.. haha!


What is a random fact about you?

I had a dance school in Coffs Harbour of about 100 students when I was 18 - for about a year. I then moved to Sydney to study arts and dance.

What do you do to relax?

Run, go for a walk, and get my nails done. To be honest.. I am not great at relaxing. 

How would you describe your strengths and weaknesses?

I am not great at embracing change (just ask my hubby.. haha) and I can over commit. Having said that, I am able to multitask/ juggle many things at once! Also I can be very determined and driven.. if I have a goal!

What is your fave current DD outfit for your girls?

The Bella Bell Sleeve Dress (it is so beautiful) and any of the leopard items (I am a sucker for anything leopard)!


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